Meeting Announcement

A Joint Meeting of the Art & Science of Service, the Service Operations Management Forum of EurOMA
and the POMS College of Service Operations 

The Service Management and Science Forum is a truly transdisciplinary meeting involving academics and practitioners from all disciplines and organizations that focus on the service delivery process and the service systems that support it. Some of the academic disciplines that participate in this meeting include operations, marketing, information technology, design, and human resource management.

Advances in technology, especially information technology, have dramatically shifted the power in the marketplace from the providers to the customers. The causes for this shift in power are many, including (a) increasing customer knowledge and awareness, (b) growing emphasis on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that allow customers to voice their satisfaction and, more importantly, dissatisfaction literally to the world, and (c) increasing ease of access that customers have to new suppliers of goods and services from the four corners of the globe.

As a result, companies and organizations are recognizing the importance of providing their customers with outstanding service by taking a customer-centric perspective. Such an effort requires an integrative approach that transcends the traditional functional areas. In addition, senior management must acknowledge that adopting a customer-centric philosophy for an organization doesn’t occur overnight, but rather requires commitment for a significant period of time before the benefits start to accrue. With the theme for the 2013 forum, service researchers and practitioners are invited to share innovations in customer-centricty and their implications for service value-creation.